How to Make Official Invitations in Spanish (2023)

How to Make Official Invitations in Spanish (1)

May 31, 2021 by Nicole Canún Spanish Vocabulary 0 comments

I officially invite you to this lesson on invitations in Spanish!

An amazing event is coming your way and you need your invitations to be flawless. Join me as we cover different types of invitations, their presentations, and most importantly—their messages!

This guide will surely impress your Spanish-speaking friends who will be the lucky recipients of your perfect, personalized invitations.

¡Es una cita!
It’s a date!

How Will You Present Your Invitations?

1. Escritas a Mano (Handwritten)

These invitations are tradicionalmente (traditionally) made for a top event or gala. They mean more dinero (money), tiempo (time) and esfuerzo (effort) and aren’t so practical, but they have a special encanto (charm).

Your guests will see you as more thoughtful than other organizers and hosts and you will have a better chance of people attending for that very reason.

2. Impresas (Printed)

The printed invitations are less formal and thoughtful than the hand-written ones, but still more so than digital invitations. Printing allows you to choose from a wide variety of designs, colors, formats, wording, and ideas—especially if you collaborate with a creative diseñador (designer).

3. Digitales (Digital)

Digital invitations are the más baratas (cheapest) and más fáciles (easiest) way to invite people to your event. They are easy to enviar (send), compartir (share), editar (edit), and difficult to lose. You can send them to everyone you want to invite with a click of a button. While they’re gaining popularity for convenience, they bring an informal feeling to the whole occasion and they’re less memorable.

4. ¡Mézclalas! (Mix Them Up!)

You can’t choose which presentation is best for you? Mix your options up! You can give a couple of hand-written invitations for the most important invitados (guests), printed ones for the next people in line, and digital for the rest.

Here is an example of mixing up 100 invitations for wedding:

  • 4 hand-written invitations for the parents of the groom and the bride
  • 20 printed invitations for the wedding party
  • 76 digital invitations for the rest of the guests
How to Make Official Invitations in Spanish (2)

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Los Elementos de una Invitación (Elements of an Invitation)

Now that you know the kinds of invitations that exist, let’s jump to the elements and sections your invitations in Spanish can be divided into:

(Video) Learn Spanish | How to Extend an Invitation | Spanish Playground

Name of the Invitee – El nombre del invitado / la invitada

Title of the event – El título de la boda

Description of the event – La descripción del evento

Name of the hosts and/or organizers – El nombre de los anfitriones y/u organizadores

Time and Date – El tiempo y la fecha

Name of the venue and location – El nombre del lugar y locación

How to get there – Cómo llegar

Dress Code – El código de vestimenta

Limit Date to RSVP – La fecha límite para confirmar asistencia

Gift Table – La mesa de regalos

Event schedule (optional) – El programa

Transportation (if reserved) – El transporte

Parking – El estacionamiento

Some suggestions:

  • Be sure to cover the 5Ws: who (is the organizer), what (is the event about), when (will it happen), where (will it happen), why (are you holding an event).
  • If the venue has a name, be sure to specify it so guests have an easier time finding it.
  • If more than one venue is part of the experience, include a schedule so people don’t lose track of where to go and when. (This often happens when there is a religious ceremony before the party, for example.)
  • RSVP: Give options according to what your guests will have to confirm:
    • Their attendance
    • Number of guests
    • If they are bringing a partner
    • Menu selection
    • Dietary requisites

Cómo Escribir una Invitación (How to Write an Invitation)

In this section we cover how to write an invitation with the proper Spanish translation. Remember that the wording you choose gives your event a tone and your invitees will follow it.

Formal Invitations in Spanish

Official ceremonies, weddings, retirement parties, anniversaries, seminars, baptisms, conferences, and award events are formal, and thus, perfect for an invitación that starts with either of these:

Usted está cordialmente invitado a…
You are cordially invited to…

Se le solicita su apreciable presencia…
Your appreciable presence is requested…

Tenemos el placer de invitarle a …
We have the pleasure of inviting you to…

For example in Mexico, wedding invitations in Spanish wording start with one of these two:

Nos complace invitarlos a nuestra boda en compañía de nuestros padres…
We are pleased to invite you to our wedding in the company of our parents…

(Video) Make INVITATIONS in Spanish. Pasos page 125, lesson 84

[Nombre de los padres] tienen el honor de invitarles al enlace de sus hijos [Nombres de los hijos]
[Parents’ names] have the honor of inviting you to the bond of their children [Names of the couple]

Informal Invitations in Spanish

Informal dinners, informal brunches, family Christmas celebrations, surprise parties, work parties, and birthdays are all considered—with the proper exceptions of course—not formal. These informal invitations in Spanish require some casual wording such as:

¡Estás invitado!
You’re invited!

Únete a nosotros…
Join us…

No te pierdas…
Don’t miss this…

And since not all weddings are formal and not all birthday parties are informal, you can adapt your language according to the main theme and intention of your event.

See this next examples:


El enlace matrimonial se llevará a cabo en…
The marriage bond will take place at…


La boda será en…
The wedding will be at

Each wedding invitation above sets a different tone with its word. The first one sounds ceremonial, official, and traditional. It makes you think of a long elegant, classic wedding. While the second one sounds more carefree, casual, and relaxed.

Keep reading to find examples of invitations in Spanish for every occasion!

6 Kinds of Events for Spanish Invitations

Since every occasion is different, every invitation has to be, too!

Of the messaging options below, spot the one that is perfect for you.

Select a style and tone that goes with you and your celebration theme and design your invitations in Spanish to your liking!

1. Spanish Invitation for a Birthday Party

Acompáñame a celebrar mi cumpleaños número …
Join me to celebrate my birthday number….

Quiero que vengas a mi fiesta de cumpleaños.
I want you to come to my birthday party.

Pastel, globos, piñata, ¡sólo faltas tú!
Cake, balloons, piñata, only you are missing!

Or a bolder option:

Solicito voluntarios que les guste la fiesta y estar con los amigos. Vi tu perfil y considero que eres apto para esta misión.
I request volunteers that like to party and be among friends. I saw your profile and I consider that you are suitable for this mission.

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How to Make Official Invitations in Spanish (3)

2. Spanish Invitation for a Baby Shower

¡Pronto llegará Juan! Acompaña a sus papás en esta enorme alegría de su llegada.
Juan will be here soon! Join his parents in this enormous joy of his arrival.

La cigüeña está por llegar a casa de María y Germán. Acompáñalos en este día tan especial.
The stork is about to arrive at María’s and Germán’s house. Join them on this special day.

¡Un bebé está en camino! Ven al baby shower para Paulina, la futura mamá.
A baby is on his way! Come to the baby shower made for Paulina, the future mom.

¡Hola, yo soy Ángel y ya estoy por conocerte! Ven a mi baby shower….
Hello, I am Angel and I am about to meet you! Come to my baby shower…

3. Spanish Invitation for a Quinceañera Party

A todos los seres queridos que son parte de mi vida, quisiera invitarlos a celebrar conmigo.
To all the loved ones that are part of my life, I would like to invite you to celebrate with me.

Hace 15 años mis padres me obsequiaron la vida y hoy es algo que quiero celebrar contigo.
15 years ago my parents gave me life and today it is something that I want to celebrate with you.

Estás invitado a celebrar mis 15 primaveras conmigo y mis seres queridos.
You are invited to celebrate mi 15 springs with me and my loved ones.

How to Make Official Invitations in Spanish (4)

4. Spanish Invitation for a Wedding

“El amor no tiene edad; siempre está naciendo.” – Blaise Pascal
“Love is ageless, it is always being born”. – Blaise Pascal

Solicitamos su amable presencia en la unión de…
We request your kind presence at the union of…

“Un mundo nace, cuando dos se besan.” – Octavio Paz.
“A world is born when two kiss”. – Octavio Paz

¡Nos vamos a casar! Acompáñanos este 12 de febrero…
We are getting married! Join us this February the 12th…

How to Make Official Invitations in Spanish (5)

5. Spanish Invitation for a Baptism

Recibiré al Espíritu Santo por medio del bautismo…
I will receive the Holy Spirit through baptism…

Acompáñanos a ser parte del bautizo de nuestro hijo…
Join us to be part of the christening of our son…

Hoy, Señor, presentamos ante ti a nuestro hijo…
Today, Lors, we present to you our son…

How to Make Official Invitations in Spanish (6)

6. Spanish Invitation to a Gender Reveal Party

¿Él o ella? ¡Acompáñanos a descubrirlo!
Him or her? Join us to find out!

¿Niño o niña? ¡Hagan sus apuestas!
Boy or girl? Place your bets!

Azul o rosa? Ven a nuestra fiesta de revelación de género (y ayúdanos a pintar el cuarto después).
Blue or pink? Come to our gender reveal party (and help us paint the nursery after).

(Video) Learn how to invite someone in Spanish! - How to Spanish Podcast

How to Make Official Invitations in Spanish (7)

Are You Ready to Send Out Your Invitations in Spanish?

Do you feel ready to design and write your own invitations in Spanish with the tips, tools, and translations given here?

What would you add? Is there another main event we skipped?

Leave a comment and let’s start a conversation! Also, let us know how it went with your invitations in Spanish, the wording, translation, and design!

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