CCTV Drain Survey Dartford (2023)

Drainage Kent: Your Quality CCTV Drain Survey Service In Dartford, Kent

Drainage Kent uses the most advanced CCTV drain Survey to carry out a comprehensive inspection and assessment of your drainage system. This top - tier CCTV equipment makes it possible for us to identify problem's in drainage systems better than ever before.

Call Us Today. Our CCTV Drain Survey Service In Dartford Can Find All Kind Of Faults

  • Our experts use a highly - specialized camera system
  • We inspect your drainage problem's such as displaced joints and poorly laid pipes
  • Our commitment to excellence, starting with our thorough inspections have made us the go - to name in drainage in Dartford

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Dartford Expert Services Include

An Approach That Is Safe For The Environment

The CCTV inspection cameras are connected to computers in our fully - equipped vans, which is how our engineers in the analysis unit get real - time images of your drainage system.

Our experts then analyse the images to know the exact state of your otherwise hidden drainage system or sewer

The process is not only simple and effective, but also poses no risks to your environment and property.

CCTV Drain Survey Experts In Dartford

The technology is sophisticated, and we have perfected its use. If there is a more sophisticated CCTV unit, then it hasn't entered the market. Our investment in this technology is a testament to the fact that we always aim for the best results in our sewer and drain inspection services

If you want to see the details of the inspection we can put the whole report on a DVD for you, plus a detailed technical report that's designed to be easy to understand.

In Dartford We Handle Matters Such As

Rodent Infiltration

Are you being disturbed by rats and other rodents? Drainage Kent CCTV inspection system can easily help you find areas in your drainage system that allow access to rats and help you seal them

The easiest way for rats to gain access into your property is through your drainage system.

This is especially true if the integrity of your pipework is weak; these rodents recognise that weakness and use it to infiltrate your home.

Iso Accreditation Through Cad Drainage Survey

If you need CAD drawings to help with any accreditations, our experienced technicians, and state - of - the - art technology can provide them, and an ISO14001 drainage survey.

We Are Your expert Drainage Company In Dartford, And We Use Advanced CCTV Survey Technology Panoramo Speedy And Efficient 360 Degree CCTV Drain Inspection

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Drainage Kent has led the industry in innovative technology, like the first truly panoramic CCTV drainage inspection camera Panoramo. Unlike the normal pan and tilt drain survey camera that depends on the user to see and record images, the Panoramo is able to see and record every detail in just one quick pass.

The Panorama camera has a 35 cm/s speed All the while, it's not only scanning the surface of your sewer or drain, it's saving all of the data in its impressive memory for technical analysis It is easy to refer to this saved video whenever you need the information

Use Less Time And Money With Lisy

At Drainage Kent , we make use of LISY sat cam invented mainly for the inspection of lateral drains and sewers. With this technology, we can quickly and affordably inspect your drain LISY can enter your drainage system through the mainline and this enables us to inspect lateral drains and sewers without having to enter your home

LISY can go as far as 100 meters into the main drainage systems. With its capabilities, even water companies handling private sewers can't help but use it. We Are Able To Save Money For Our Customers And Do A Great Job Using Our Software.

Some qualities of our CCTV drainage survey equipment which make it perfect for navigating massive properties and performing a structural drain surveys include, quality innovation, mobility and cordless battery - operated cameras Our experts can easily get around large properties and carry out comprehensive drain survey because our CCTV equipment are mobile, battery - operated, high - tech, and cordless.

Laser Technology For Accurate Analysis

We fit a Profiler into our CCTV inspection equipment to help us collect precise information about the shape of a sewer or drain. The profiler picks up on any point where the pipe is not round.

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Apart from the shape, holes, deformations, debris, erosion, pipe diameter and many other things are captured by the profiler Any defect larger than 1mm will be captured by this sensitive profiler.

Proteus CCTV Equipment For Explosive Environments

We truly do work in any environment, including dangerous ones, with a high - risk for explosions These explosive environments include zone 2 public sewers and other areas where highly flammable substances may be found on certain occasions Call And Get Premium CCTV Drainage Service In Dartford At Affordable Rates Today

We are a step ahead of others when it comes to CCTV surveying. And our decades of operation and experience has set us apart as a major player in Dartford. This is the result of dedication and time spent offering high quality services at prices that are right for our customers.

We have sought to expand on how CCTV technology can be used in this industry

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Information About Dartford

  • Drainage Dartford is proud to offer Drain Clearance services in Dartford.
  • Namely our Engineer in Dartford take on work including Drain Relining, Drain Inspection, Sewer Repairs, Sewer Inspections, Blocked Sinks, and Sewer Renovation.
  • As an example this also involves Sewer Rehabilitation, CCTV Drain Survey, Drain Jet Vacuumation, Blocked Toilets, Drain Unblocking, Blocked Baths, and Sewer Desilting.
  • Last but not least our Engineer in Dartford offer Blocked Sewer, Sewer Jet Vacuumation, Sewer Relining, Drain Repairs, Drain Cleaning, Structural Coating, and Manhole Inspections services.
  • Dartford is a Town located in Kent in England.
  • Importantly, a number of wateways and drainage networks such as SB Decima are located within Dartford.
  • A Town in Bowman's Lodge, Dartford is located in the Dartford Rural District administrative area.
  • Dartford is based within South East England which is also serviced by our Engineer.
  • Boundaries to an original ecclesiastical parish in the Town of Dartford incorperate Stone, Southfleet, Longfield, Wilmington, and Bean.
  • The Town of Dartford parliamentary constituencies include Dartford (UK Parliament constituency).
  • The Town of Dartford consolidates hamlets such asBean, Greenhithe, Longfield, New Barn, and Darenth within its border and our Engineer service area.
  • Villages in Dartford, include Sutton-at-Hone, Southfleet, Wilmington, Swanscombe, and Stone.
  • Our Engineer work within Dartford now includes Eynsford, Darenth, Temple Hill, Farningham, Lullingstone, Hawley, and Stone.
  • Dartford comes under the Da1, Da2 postal code.
  • Well-known schools in Dartford are Leigh Academy, and Leigh UTC.
  • Dartford Library offer free educational resources in Dartford.
  • Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, and Darent Valley Hospital deliver services locally to the Dartford area.
  • Dartford Heath are the most notable parks and open spaces in Dartford and are famous through out England.
  • Bordered west of the Town of Dartfordis Crayford.
  • The Town of Dartford is fringed by Stone, Kent to the East.
  • Close to Dartford, Darenth, Wilmington, Slade Green, and ath are positioned immediately to the south of the Town.
  • Close to Dartford, Purfleet, West Thurrock, and Slade Green can be found situated immediately to the north.
  • Situated in Dartford, notable heritage assets include Grade II* listed buildings in Dartford (borough), Dartford Library, and Grade I listed buildings in Dartford (borough).


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