Best SEO Companies in the World (2023)

Best SEO company in the U.S.: WebFX

Best SEO Companies in the World (1)

SEO services:National, local, ecommerce, and enterprise SEO, plus SEO audits

Location:Pennsylvania, USA


SEO Checker score: 76


“WebFX — aren’tyouWebFX?”

While it seems self-serving to include our SEO agency on a list of the best SEO firms, the data (from ourclient reviewsto ourclient results) shows that WebFX is the best SEO company in the U.S., especially for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs).

Ready to learn more about the data behind our placement? Check out the reasons behind our choice:

Access specialized SEO services

With WebFX, your business can access the SEO services you need. Whether you’re looking fornational,ecommerce, orlocal SEO, you can get the expertise you need with our 500+teamof SEO specialists, developers, designers, and copywriters.

Even better, wepublish our SEO plans and pricing online, which is a rarity among SEO agencies.

Get 360° reporting in real time

Besides providing you with a dedicated account manager, WebFX also offers real-time return on investment (ROI) reporting throughMarketingCloudFX, our exclusive tech platform. See how many leads and sales your SEO strategy drives instantly.

Build an SEO strategy with data and expertise

WebFX stands apart from other top SEO agencies because of its unique blend of technology and expertise. With IBM Watson and Google AI — two leading artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions — you build an SEO strategy driven by data and your dedicated account manager’s expertise.

Your strategy, for example, can access billions of data points to determine what keywords and content will drive the best ROI for your business. That’s insight your competitor can’t access, which gives you an immense advantage in the world of search.

Impact bottom-line metrics

Search engine optimization isn’t about just driving traffic anymore. Your company wants to see real, measurable impact from ranking in search results, and WebFX makes this possible. We build our strategies around what will drive your business qualified leads and valuable sales.

It shows too. In the past five years, WebFX’s clients haveearned more than $3 billion in revenue through the company’s efforts. Even better, clients’ businesses have attracted more than 7.8 million qualified leads.

Best SEO company in the United Kingdom: The SEO Works

Best SEO Companies in the World (2)

SEO services:National and local SEO

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Location:Sheffield, United Kingdom


SEO Checker score: 66


What makes The SEO Works one of the best SEO agencies in the United Kingdom? A few reasons:

Get a partner with diverse industry experience

With experience in multiple industries, from automotive to education, The SEO Works brings a vast amount of industry experience to your SEO campaign. Through their background in different industries, your company can create a savvy SEO strategy.

Optimize for quality, not quantity

Like many of the top SEO marketing companies on our list, The SEO Works understands the value of quality over quantity. That’s why the team focuses on attracting qualified traffic to your website versus any traffic. With more qualified traffic visiting your site, you can drive more leads and revenue.

Track online and offline conversions for local SEO

Companies looking for a local SEO solution will want to check out Local SEO Ballistics from The SEO Works. This program makes measuring your local SEO ROI easier because it tracks phone calls and inquiries generated from your presence in local search results.

Best SEO company in Japan: KOCHI

Best SEO Companies in the World (3)

SEO services:International SEO

Location:Chiba, Japan


SEO Checker score:56


While a younger SEO company, KOCHI is one of the best SEO companies in Japan for a few reasons:

Access international SEO professionals

For companies looking to break into the Japanese marketplace, KOCHI is an excellent solution. The company features fully bilingual SEO professionals, which makes sharing your goals, measuring your progress, and providing your input fast and easy.

Get a complete international SEO solution

KOCHI also provides your company with a complete solution to international SEO. You don’t have to worry about implementing your SEO strategy, for example. Your KOCHI representative will take care of these tasks for you.

Use supporting strategies to increase your SEO ROI

With KOCHI, your business can also access strategies to support your international SEO efforts. If you’re looking to improve your analytics tracking with Google Tag Manager (GTM) or increase your revenue with conversion rate optimization (CRO), for example, KOCHI can help.

Best SEO company in Italy: Simpliza

Best SEO Companies in the World (4)

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SEO services:SEO consulting, plus SEO audits

Location:Rome, Italy


SEO Checker score: 59


In Italy, Simpliza is one of the top SEO marketing companies for a few reasons, including:

Get an agency that specializes in startups and small businesses

Looking to grow your startup or small business through search? Simpliza can help. The SEO agency specializes in SEO for startups and small businesses, which makes them an excellent candidate for companies like yours.

Work on a consulting vs. ongoing basis

Businesses looking for a flexible SEO partnership will also like Simpliza. The SEO company offers SEO consulting and SEO audit services, which your company can take advantage of when looking for a second opinion or additional SEO insight.

Optimize for visibility on Google, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu

While Google is one of the biggest search engines, companies with a global presence will want to think about other search engines, like Yandex and Baidu. With Simpliza, you can optimize your site for these global search engines to capture more online revenue.

Best SEO Companies in the World (5)

SEO services:International SEO, SEO consulting, technical SEO audits, penalty recovery, and more

Location:Ramat Gan, Israel


SEO Checker score: 71


Looking for the best SEO company in Israel? Check out what you can get with Angora Media:

Outsource routine SEO tasks

Besides accessing international SEO and consulting SEO services, your business can also use Angora Media to knock out routine SEO tasks. Examples include keyword research, competitor intelligence, and even auditing your technical SEO.

Improve the metrics that impact your business’s profits

Angora Media doesn’t just improve your keyword rankings and traffic. The company also looks at your bottom-line metrics, like your leads and sales, when analyzing its performance. If you’re searching for an SEO company in Israel that prioritizes ROI, check out Angora Media.

Get access to supporting services, like social media and paid advertising

With Angora Media as your SEO agency, you can also access supporting digital marketing services. For example, you can use the company’s social media and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising plans to grow (and monetize) your online presence even more.

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Best SEO company in India: SEOtonic

Best SEO Companies in the World (6)

SEO services:National and local SEO

Location:Bhopal, India


SEO Checker score: 69


When it comes to the best SEO companies in India, SEOtonic tops the list for a few reasons, including:

Get help with SEO tactics, like blogging and link building

If you’re looking for assistance with SEO tactics like blogging SEO or link building, SEOtonic offers specialized services for these tasks. With these services, you can optimize your SEO strategy’s challenging (or often forgotten) aspects.

Receive an entire team to manage your SEO strategy

SEOtonic also provides your business with a whole team to manage, lead, and implement your SEO plan. Your team includes an account manager, SEO expert, link building specialist, and more so you can completely outsource your SEO.

Achieve keyword rankings and traffic goals

Companies with a focus on keyword rankings and traffic will find SEOtonic makes the perfect partner. The SEO agency’s case studies focus heavily on keyword ranking and traffic gains, demonstrating their expertise to achieve these kinds of goals.

Best SEO company in Germany: High Voltage SEO

Best SEO Companies in the World (7)

SEO services: National SEO, international SEO, SEO consulting

Location:Berlin, Germany


SEO Checker score: 65


Another one of the best SEO companies is High Voltage SEO. Here’s why:

A data-driven approach

High Voltage prides itself on its data-driven approach to SEO. They use a scientific-based process and regular testing to develop their SEO strategies and keep up with the ever-changing SEO industry.

Expertise in the German-speaking market

High Voltage’s Berlin team is made up of both native German and native English speakers. They have experience in the German-speaking market, enabling them to help companies break in to the region. High Voltage also has offices in the U.S. and Australia, so they can offer an international approach as well.

(Video) Top 5 of the best SEO companies of 2021

Multiple plan options

If you work with High Voltage, you can opt for just SEO consulting services or a full SEO campaign. The company offers a full range of SEO services, including on-page optimization, link building, technical SEO, and content creation.

Best SEO company in Canada: seoplus+

Best SEO Companies in the World (8)

SEO services:National SEO

Location:Ottawa, Canada


SEO Checker score: 61


SEOplus+ is one of the best SEO companies in Canada for a few reasons, including:

Get an SEO plan that matches your budget

If you’re looking for an SEO agency that will work with your budget, seoplus+ can help. The company will build an SEO plan based on your budget, which offers immense flexibility to startups and small businesses.

Receive monthly performance reports

Like many of the best SEO companies on this list, seoplus+ provides your business with regular reports. These reports offer your business instant insight into your strategy’s performance, which can guide your strategy from month to month.

Access digital marketing specialists, from SEOs to web designers

SEOplus+ also features a full-service digital marketing team. This setup allows your company to implement your SEO strategy fast. You don’t have to wait for an in-house developer to find the time, for example. Instead, you can rely on seoplus+ to get the job done.

Best SEO company in Australia: SIXGUN

Best SEO Companies in the World (9)

SEO services:International and local SEO, plus Google penalty assistance

Location:Melbourne, Australia


SEO Checker score: 73


Businesses looking to grow in Australia should check out SIXGUN, a top SEO company in the country:

Recover from Google penalties

Whether you’re looking to recover from a Google penalty caused by another SEO agency or in-house actions, SIXGUN offers specialized services for recovering from one. SIXGUN will work to remove the penalty and provide a roadmap for avoiding future ones.

(Video) How to Pick an SEO Agency | 5 Tips for Narrowing Down the List of SEO Agencies You Found on Google

Receive SEO training for in-house team members

If you’re looking to build your department’s SEO knowledge, you can also hire SIXGUN to provide a 60-minute lunch and learn. This program will include reviewing your website, providing recommendations, and answering your teammate’s questions.

Capture more of the Australian marketplace

While SIXGUN provides international SEO services, the company focuses on improving your presence in local search results. If you’re an Australian business — or business looking to break into the Australian marketplace — SIXGUN deserves a spot on your list of contenders.


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