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  • Routine maintenance means activities to keep an impervious surface as near as possible to its constructed condition. This includes ordinary maintenance activities, resurfacing paved areas, and exterior building changes or improvements which do not materially increase or concentrate stormwater runoff, or cause additional nonpoint source pollution.

  • Planned Maintenance means any Maintenance BT has planned to do in advance.

  • Operations and maintenance means a project delivery method in which the District enters into a single contract for the routine operation, routine repair, and routine maintenance of an infrastructure facility.

  • Operation and Maintenance or “O&M” shall mean all activities required to operate, maintain, and monitor the effectiveness of the RA as specified in the SOW or any EPA-approved O&M Plan.

  • Software Maintenance means the process of modifying software after delivery to correct faults, improve performance or other attributes, or adapt to a changed environment. (Reference ISO/IEC 14764:2006, as amended or superseded.) Software maintenance does not include any customization or configuration.

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  • Emergency Maintenance means WAVE’s efforts to correct conditions on the WAVE Network that are likely to cause a material disruption to or outage in services provided by WAVE and which require immediate action. Emergency Maintenance may degrade the quality of the Services provided to Customer, including possible outages. Any such outages are Excused Outages that will not entitle Customer to credits under this SLA. WAVE may undertake Emergency Maintenance at any time WAVE deems necessary and will provide Customer with notice of such Emergency Maintenance as soon as commercially practicable under the circumstances.

  • Major maintenance means the adjustment, repair or replacement of a component or module that could affect the accuracy of a measurement.

  • Deferred Maintenance means improvements necessary for continued operations which do not improve productivity or alter the process technology.

  • AMPS Basic Maintenance Report means a report signed by any of the President, Treasurer, any Senior Vice President or any Vice President of the Corporation which sets forth, as of the related Valuation Date, the assets of the Corporation, the Market Value and the Discounted Value thereof (seriatim and in aggregate), and the AMPS Basic Maintenance Amount.

  • Operation and Maintenance Expenses or ‘O&M expenses' means the expenditure incurred on operation and maintenance of the project, or part thereof, and includes the expenditure on manpower, repairs, spares, consumables, insurance and overheads;

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  • Industrial maintenance coating means a high performance architectural coating, including primers, sealers, undercoaters, intermediate coats, or topcoats, formulated for application to substrates exposed to one (1) or more of the following extreme environmental conditions and labeled as specified in section 4(4) of this rule:

  • Operation and Maintenance Costs means, for any fiscal year or other period, the reasonable and necessary costs and expenses of operating the common areas of the Project and of managing and repairing and other expenses necessary to maintain and preserve the common areas of the Project in good repair and working order, calculated in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, including but not limited to (a) utility services supplied to the common areas of the Project, which may include, without limitation, janitor service, security, power, gas, telephone, light, heating, water and all other utility services, (b) compensation to the management agent, salaries and wages of employees, payments to employee retirement systems, fees of auditors, accountants, attorneys or engineers, (c) monthly deposits to the Repair and Replacement Fund pursuant to Section 5.7(g) of the Indenture, and (d) all other reasonable and necessary costs of the Borrower or charges required to be paid by it related to the operation and maintenance of the common areas of the Project, including, but not limited to, costs of insurance and property taxes, if any, but excluding in all cases (i) depreciation, replacement and obsolescence charges or reserves therefor, (ii) amortization of intangibles or other bookkeeping entries of a similar nature, (iii) costs of capital additions, replacements, betterments, extensions or improvements to the common areas of the Project, which under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles are chargeable to a capital account or to a reserve for depreciation, (iv) debt service on the Loan, (v) the amount deposited in the Administration Fund, and (vi) expenses paid from the Repair and Replacement Fund, Surplus Fund or other Project reserves.

  • Preventive Maintenance means that maintenance, performed on a scheduled basis by the Contractor, which is designed to keep the Equipment in proper operating condition.

  • Preventative Maintenance means the routine, customary or regular course of procedure related to the care or upkeep of an existing Department facility or system, which may also include inspection services provided as part of a preventative maintenance program. Preventive maintenance is conducted to keep equipment working and/or extend the life of the equipment.

  • Corrective Maintenance means the maintenance which is required when an item has failed or worn out, to bring it back to working order, which may also include those services necessary to partially restore, renew or strengthen an existing Department facility or system, following damage caused by use or normal wear and tear.

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  • Maintenance and Support means updates, upgrades, patches, fixes, etc. and technical support provided for the Products and Services that Supplier is required to provide directly to DXC or a DXC Customer.

  • Generator Maintenance Outage means the scheduled removal from service, in whole or in part, of a generating unit in order to perform necessary repairs on specific components of the facility, if removal of the facility meets the guidelines specified in the PJM Manuals.

  • Maintenance and Support Services means the services provided by Contractor under Appendix F.

  • Maintenance Term means, initially, the Maintenance Term identified in the Order. Upon expiration of the initial Maintenance Term, the Maintenance Term shall automatically renew for additional one (1) year periods unless terminated earlier by either party, at its option, by written notice at least sixty (60) days prior to the end of the then-current Maintenance Term. The Maintenance Term shall immediately terminate upon the termination, expiration, or cancellation of this Agreement for any reason.

  • AMPS Basic Maintenance Amount, as of any Valuation Date, means the dollar amount equal to (i) the sum of (A) the product of the number of shares of AMPS and Other AMPS Outstanding on such Valuation Date multiplied by the sum of (a) $25,000 and (b) any applicable redemption premium attributable to the designation of a Premium Call Period; (B) the aggregate amount of cash dividends (whether or not earned or declared) that will have accumulated for each share of AMPS and Other AMPS Outstanding, in each case, to (but not including) the end of the current Dividend Period that follows such Valuation Date in the event the then current Dividend Period will end within 49 calendar days of such Valuation Date or through the 49th day after such Valuation Date in the event the then current Dividend Period will not end within 49

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  • Scheduled Maintenance means any adjustment, repair, removal, disassembly, cleaning, or replacement of components or systems required by the manufacturer which is performed on a periodic basis to prevent part failure or equipment or engine malfunction, or anticipated as necessary to correct an overt indication of malfunction or failure for which periodic maintenance is not appropriate.

  • Period of Maintenance means the specified period of maintenance from the date of completion of the works as certified by the Engineer.

  • Maintenance area means any geographic region of the United States previously designated nonattainment pursuant to the CAA Amendments of 1990 and subsequently redesignated to attainment subject to the requirement to develop a maintenance plan under §175A of the CAA, as amended.

  • Maintenance Costs means the amounts actually paid by Service Provider and approved in advance by DIR for the provision of maintenance and support Services in respect of STM Servers and peripheral Equipment used in connection with such STM Servers that are acquired by Service Provider after the Effective Date. The HSC payable by DIR shall be calculated each month following the Commencement Date, and shall replace the base charge amounts HSC found in Attachment 4-A. Capital Expenditures shall be included in the HSC calculation on a prorated basis over a sixty (60) month period beginning in the month following the month during which the applicable STM Server was installed and available for DIR Customer’s business processing in a DIR Customer’s Production Environment in accordance with the Service Management Manual. Maintenance Costs shall be included in the calculation beginning in the month following the month in which the the applicable STM Server was installed and available for DIR Customer’s business processing in a DIR Customer’s Production Environment in accordance with the Service Management Manual; provided, however, that where Service Provider pre-pays for a benefit that will be received over a period of time (e.g. pre-paid maintenance services), such amount shall be included in the calculation on a prorated basis over such time period, but in no event greater than a twelve month period of time (e.g. if Service Provider pays $120 in January for annual maintenance agreement, Service Provider will spread such cost over 12 months). No Capital Expenditures or Maintenance Costs shall be included in the calculation with respect to any STM Server (a) that is not installed in a DIR Customer’s Production Environment (e.g. the applicable order for such Server is cancelled), (b) that remains installed in a DIR Customer’s Production Environment following the end of its applicable sixty (60) month payment period (except as expressly provided in this Section below) or (c) that is not dedicated to use by DIR or DIR Customer except to the extent otherwise agreed, subject to DIR’s responsibility to pay cancellation fees as set forth below.

  • Maintenance work means the repair of existing facilities when the size, type or extent of such facilities is not thereby changed or increased. While “maintenance” includes painting and decorating and is covered under the law, it does not include work such as routine landscape maintenance or janitorial services.

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  • Prosecution and Maintenance or “Prosecute and Maintain” means, with regard to a Patent Right, the preparing, filing, prosecuting and maintenance of such Patent Right, as well as handling re-examinations, reissues, and requests for patent term extensions with respect to such Patent Right, together with the conduct of interferences, the defense of oppositions and other similar proceedings with respect to the particular Patent Right. For clarification, “Prosecution and Maintenance” or “Prosecute and Maintain” will not include any other enforcement actions taken with respect to a Patent Right.

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